Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Hi People its Tuesday 18th August 2009


Oh yes! Total ussage £39.38 thats based on the 4 cubic metres used, I did say on the phone the reading was 4.8 and would have prefered them to have raised the bill to 5 cubic metres rather than lower it. Plus of course there is the outstanding debt that I have been paying since 2000 so the total for the quarter is £73.37. The payments via the DWP is £11.91 per week at 95 days the bills calculation period that ammounts to 13.5 weeks or £160.78 an over payment of £87.41 a substantial ammount to one living on such a meagre income.

Enough for new shoes and a better standard of eating eh Crazydave! Indeed! Not that the Welsh Assembly Government could give a flying fig for that though. Oh no they have been only to happy to have the water company creaming it in from me and other vulnerable adults. Mr. Rhodri Morgan could have at any time at least rang them and said 'Excuse me but under legislative requirements Crazydave shouldn't have been having to pay your arrears since 2002, and as he is a blinking nutter don't you think that you could charge him at 'the sorry we cannot meter you because of the configuration of the property charge' Which would have been significantly less than they have been allowed to get away with cos the District valuer is an ass!

You have to look to the DWP for allowing it though. Single vulnerable being robbed systematically and they turn a blind eye. Well I rang them they told me to ring the water company the water company geezer didn't appear to appreciate the point I was trying to make. But you still owe us arrears, yeah and thats covered in the £11.91 you've been getting direct from the DWP! So they have £87.41 of my money now I will either have to cancel the direct payment, or appeal to the DWP about the size of the payment? Which to do, the geezer also said that once the arrears are finished I will have to go off direct payments??? Why a computer is doing all the work once its all set up saving everyone shed loads of money not having to track post office payments, are they nuts!!!

Plus its one less thing for me to have to be bothered about. Or will I have to stop direct payments go into arrears so that they do it then??? But Mr. Morgan you your wife or Jonathan Morgan could have all done something so that I wasn't robbed by them all these years. You or your Health Minister your Social Services Minister, but then your not interested in ending poverty in Wales are you Mr. Morgan, at least not with simple solutions. Nope you want the debate to go on next year and the next year and the one after that on tackling poverty to keep all those white collar government post going??? Thats more like the Truth Crazydave! So they can have meeting after meeting after meeting insane!

You would rather cause un-necessary hardship knowingly than end it wouldn't you Mr. Morgan First Minister of the Banana republic of Wales? I think so Crazydave and he does it with that supercillious smile, thats what is so irksome.


Dear Mr. Gabriel

Application for housing

Our records show that you submitted a housing application form in October 2008. This was returned to you as you had not fully completed the form and we require additional information in order to process your application.

I note that to date you have not returned the form so I am enclosing another one which you should complete and return in the envelope provided. However, if you need help completing the form, please contact your Housing Officer, Lisa Clarke on Cardiff 537420 who will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can all into any housing office for help with completing the form.

I am sorry but we are unable to make your application active until we recieve the information on the form. This means you will not shortlist for properties and will therefore not recieve an offer of alternative accomodation. Once your completed application is returned and processed it will be registered from the date of your original application, 3 October 2008. If you no longer wish to be considered for rehousing, please adivse your Housing Officer and you application will be withdrawn.

Yours sincerely

Rehousing Unit

Wot do you think of that Crazydave! Not alot. So I duly rang them yesterday, mentioned that the letter had no nameee on it or any email address or any direct phone number, gorra go throught the switchboard Crazydave. Enquired about well the only reason that you returned it was because I had the lady from probation put anywhere to location location location. It seems that you get 100 points for putting the area you would like to live, and as far as bungalows go well your not 60 are you Crazydave. The thorny question of 'well where do you have bungalows' so I could put that area on the form became superfluous.

Nope so being single with no dependants you can kiss a house of your own goodbye. What ticks me off about that is. I know young males who have got some chick knocked up with their kid get houses, so that they get the old visit from their offspring from time to time. I know of single women who are getting their mortgages paid for by the state through housing benefit because they are on incapacity benefit, but single mental health issues male over 50 'screw you' appears the operative framework, by all towards us. I would like to see that end, because it is discriminatory to the single and dependantless! They ought to have the right to a home of their own, especially when they are housed in sub-standard housing for oh so long. Do you get a million points for living in below minimum building regulation standard council housing Crazydave. Do you get a million points fro being harassed by your neighbours for all these years and nobody giving a damn chief constable????

What really made me laugh last week was seeing Judith Woodman (Lib-dem councillor of Cardiff County Council) slagging off some young female private landlord for not having a license to rent a property, all very 'we shall be down on such deeds with a ton of bricks' language coming from her in the South Wales Echo. Yet she doesn't appear to give a toss that her council is letting out properties that do not comform to minimum building standard regulations and I cannot find any lawyer or ombudsman to confirm or deny that the letting of such a property by them is illegal??? Double Standards Mrs. Woodman Oh I think so South Wales Echo Editor! Whose fellow employee will be recieving a copy of this blog when its all done and dusted. Wonder if you will have a comment from her about that.

So Mr. Gordon Brown when are you and your government put a stop to this discrimination of the single dependantless? I mean check out what your annual budget for subsidizing private landlords to every year, and if you are willing to pay their mortgages for them, why oh why are you not willing to do it on behalf of the tenants? Or is that to much of a leap in generocity for you???

So that Long Term Mental Health Sufferers cannot be harassed by other residents of sub-standard housing. Or their lives made a misery because of it.

I Have called that spend (see top ten private landlord earnings out of Housing Benefit blog, to see the sort of figures were into here) gross financial mismanagement, seeing that its tax payers money and for that spend the tax payer as a society sees no capital assets from that spend. At least compulsory purchase them for now, and declare all houses of multiple occupancy shared houses. So that the tenants are not at the mercy of unscrupulous water companies and TV Licensing, and over the top rents because the letting agent is taking his cut, and the private landlord his, and the tenant oh just the cash cow.


Yep I have had another one of those, so far I have not filled it in, and its due back in two weeks I've had the reminder letter today, telling me what a naughty boy I've been for not sending it back.

Why are they bothering me with this now? Unemployment is ever on the increase, and they want a derelict like me to go along to another BMA passed muster Doctor to examine me, and tell them whether I am fit for work! I wonder how many times I have to say how many times do I have to repeat 'I never ever never want to go back to the working world ever again' and not have to explain to someone I have never met before why that might be. Frankly its none of their business, I have the right to remain silent. Who is the best person to decide this someone I have never met or me???

I've had their doctor lie about words said in previous appointments, I've had the DWP starve me because he lied, not that the parliamentary ombudsman saw it that way, he couldn't even confirm where the semi colons were drawn on the sheet of paper that read 'As a representative of Bro Taff health Authority go fxxk Yourself ' and you might wonder why an individual would say such a thing unless they had 'just cause'. Then of course there is the neglect, and what pray is the doctor going to do when I say that I am a victim of criminal negligence? I wonder what the doctor is going to do when I pull out my video camera and start recording the meeting, with the 'You will have to forgive me doctor, but one of your collegues previously lied about the words I spoke'

Is it a cunning plan to reduce your benefit Crazydave, seeing as government has to pay out more to all the new jobless? Pick on the weak that what is feels like. I really would like political asylum in a eec country where my cannabis use is not criminalised and maybe just maybe ingest it in a form that is not damaging my lungs more than they are allready doctor. Because strangley I find it more efficacious than the pre-scribed drugs I've been offered by the medical profession, for my particular mental health issues, and I really don't want to tell you sweet fa about those if you don't mind.


Now they have all sorts of people working at sending professors to places in the EU fixing up accomodation for them. They have all sorts of people working at housing students from all over the EU in the uk. In Cardiff they are regularly housed by local people, so its not as if this is a unique thing. Its not as if they do not have people doing this for others. Well can you tell me Mr. Brown (Prime Minister) how come it is so difficult to do it for Crazydave????

I am willing to learn a new language, hell its not as if I have alot of conversation in my day to day life as it is, other than please or thank you in some supermarket, and the pimsleur method ought to get me by. Then maybe I can grow my own without fear of imprisonment and save myself a shed load of money while doing so, so that I might be able to buy a pair of shoes or eat better quality foods each and every day, rather than depending on what the superstore reductions are today, if any. Or having more of a social life being able to afford to go see a movie, as I cannot afford the TV license or its running cost?

Not that your Medical Services Doctor is likely to do anything to address the sub-standard housing where I am and have been for way to long Mr. Brown. Its unlikely they are going to get onto anybody so that I do not have to spend another day, with the likely threat of harassment because 'I am a weirdo freak' are they Mr. Brown.

A video for the illiterate will be made hopefully covering all the base's of this blog and the url placed below. Now its time to leave this, having to go to an internet cafe in order to upload an image or two, cos cardiff county council are still blocking full non interfered access to blogger, so that its impossible to do here in the library. Nodoubt Mr. Berman and his Lib Dem party will chatter about the sacrifice made by those in ww2 at the next big military day event, and the freedoms those who died gave us, while at the same time censoring those who tell it like it is.


Remember for a full list of blogs go to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com isn't that right PC Haines!

Well there you go the 3 videos for the illiterate to consider.
Today I did visit the DWP office in Cardiff used their phone made another attempt at explaining the situation and I have had to ask for them to cancel this current payment arrangement, I was given another welsh water phone number did the same there and now have to wait till tomorrow in order to agree a new payment structure. I guess that they are gonna want more thant eh £3.25 a week for the arrears, because I have no other outstanding debts with the DWP.
Yeah well I need another cooker if the truth be told, so maybe I will have to apply for a crisis loan in order to cut back the greed on the water companies part. Anyone going to say that I ought to be back paid for the years when it went un-meatered??? OH I doubt that its all one way traffic with these people Crazydave.
Love n Light Crazydave.
PS I did see an article in the Daily Express yesterday titles SHAMELESS that sought to besmerch council tenants and the 68% who have their rents paid, what the article didn't mention was all those 'not so hard working middle class' who get paid 435,000.00 a year in housing benefit because they are private landlords, or the cost of that to the nation. A bit one sided, neither did they mention the fact that council might well be fiddling their accounts with the old rent revenue expenditure on Rent Rebates. Nope nothing on that Crazydave. I will have to shoot a video about their onesided world view, and their bigotry.
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